googlea7499bd000f0d7ea.html Grandmasters Wing Chun: The Official Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift in Tampa, FL for Self Defense

Here at Grandmasters Wing Chun we reflect upon the past to look toward the future, not just the Future of Self, but the Future of whole, whole of mind, body, and spirit.Consider the years passed; we in the Martial Arts understand that we are nothing in comparison to what we can be through the dedication, honor, and brotherhood held within our Art. We seek to hold the Martial Arts in our hearts, minds, and lives and even in the lives of others.

Through the art one may seek to better oneself not only in their own life; but more over ~ the lives of others. For to be true to oneself we must continue pure dedication not just in the development of technique but in the development of self through the martial arts.

Martial Arts is a path this path is your Bridge, you decide the structure, you decide the materials you will use along the way, and in the end you will see what the Martial Arts has Built in you, but only through Hard work, Time, and Effort ~ only then will the true soul of Wing Chun Present itself to you.

You can join any gym, you can buy your fitness, your martial arts, and of course even the techniques that go along with it, Anyone can sell you techniques, Grandmasters Wing Chun wants you to aim higher than martial art exercises; Wing Chun was Developed and passed down through family generations to reach a higher state. A true martial artist is a person of integrity, humble nature, and virtue. They seek to aspire to something better; for the dedicated martial artist soon learns that mastering himself is in fact much tougher and much more rewarding than mastering others.

This is the challenge for most disciples of any endeavor, for self-respect and the respect of others leads to the responsibility in all of our actions. Our Ego’s melt away and a sense of self-righteous falls away allowing the mind to learn free from obstruction and disillusion.

Though Wing Chun Kung Fu is renowned for its combative ability, being known as one of the fastest and most reactive martial arts known, we at Grandmasters Wing Chun are just as Dedicated to helping you achieve a higher sense of self as we are in placing dedicated practitioners of the art in Real Life Situations. Allowing the mind to slip away and the body to react to every movement and every intention. Attacking and defending at the same time with lightening speed, agility, and skill. Bringing devastation only in life threatening situations.

That is why we at the Wing Chun Association under Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift only teach to those capable of understanding the intentions they place behind every move and that through that understanding they hold compassion in all situations even for the one they fight against.

Learning Wing Chun Kung Fu is not an over night process just like changing ones life and a way of thought or path is not as easy as this. Just like Building a Bridge; but in the end you have something no one can take away from you, because throughout your life, you may or may not have money, you may or may not have many things, but you will always have Wing Chun and you will always have a Brotherhood to call your own.

In the End what is the Difference between this year and last; Our Job? Money? What really changes us? We all gain and lose these things of material gain and in the end none of us can take it with us. But Education, Knowledge, your State of Mind, YOUR Abilities, YOUR SKILLS, YOUR SELF EXPRESSION through Body and Mind can Never Be Silenced, Everything you build from this year to the next is and always will be yours.

…Fight only to Preserve The Honor, Integrity, and Good Within yourself and those Around you…  Grandmaster Steve Lee Swift